Hello, I’m

David Eberle

I am a digital strategist and an entrepreneur. I’m passionate about disruptive technology and innovative business models. My current location is Zurich, and I’m easily seduced by a good latte.


Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing


Muay Thai


In 2014, almost 250,000 prospective students took the GMAT, an entry exam required by most of the 16,000 business schools around the globe. Most apply for an MBA, the most recognized business degree. It’s not only hard to get accepted but also quite expensive (tuition......

Every foreigner whom I have spoken to thinks Switzerland is one of the safest spots on our planet. Basel, Switzerland’s third largest city after Zurich and Geneva, is included in that perception. Many expats who live there are thrilled by the possibility of letting their......

On April 24, 2015 Apple release its smart Apple Watch. It shipped with a bunch of apps, mainly bringing reduced smartphone functionality to the wrist. Analyst were quick to denounce the $350-17000 device as well as to predict amazing sales figures. As with the iPhone, the......

Professional Experience

3 years strategy consulting in the technology strategy practice across Europe (current)

3 years business analysis and digital strategy in Switzerland and US


Co-founder of revolutionary keyboard app for smartphones

Co-founder of digital marketing agency

Alma Mater

MBA ’17J

MSc Business Administration

BA Business Administration & Economics

BA Business Administration